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The Discovery Source
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San Diego, CA

The Discovery Source creates innovative, effective, and affordable solutions to meet the unique opportunities and challenges that come with nurturing the social emotional and cognitive development of young learners.

Our purpose and commitment to our customers remains the same over decades – to listen, learn and research the opportunities, challenges, and goals that programs, teachers, and families are facing; and then work with experts to create solutions that are accessible, equitable, easy to implement, and most importantly – effective! Many of our own solutions – such as The Calming Kit, Frame Their Learning & The Pyramid Model classroom kits were developed by listening to educators and building a solution to solve a problem or meet a need.

The Pyramid Model Consortium has partnered with The Discovery Source to publish and distribute the recommended resources so teachers can begin to teach Social-Emotional Development skills immediately, more effectively, and with high fidelity implementation of the Pyramid Model Training.

Available in English and Spanish, The Calming Kit is a highly-effective tool – while remaining simple and straightforward to implement in a classroom or home setting – designed to support teachers and families as they help children learn essential strategies to identify, understand, and regulate their emotions. Through these strategies, children are able to better understand their complex feelings, ask for help, and learn to manage feelings on their own. The result is less anxious, happier children that are better prepared to engage, interact, and develop a lifelong love for learning.