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Kristen Brown

Grand Canyon University, Masters in Early and Special Education
San Jose, California
I am coming to the end of my term as Community Advisory Committee for Special Education chairperson and working on a Masters in Early and Special Education. I have been one of the initial team members under Supervisory Cindy Chavez to formulate a County Office of Disability Affairs. I have attended meetings with the Inclusion Collaborative and know there are better pathways to meet the needs of all our students, that San Jose Unified School District could benefit from. Further, families reach out to the CACSE leadership for counsel, and there are such variances in differentiated teaching or false claims that is what is provided. Eager to learn how other districts are getting better results, less variances, and information I can bring back to better support the educational community I work with.  I always appreciate knowledge to further form my chances at becoming a better teacher to serve our community.